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"Returning Radio Stations To The Community"

Route 81 Radio, LLC was founded in the belief that radio stations belong primarily to the communities we serve. Route 81 Radio stations practice an almost "Back To The Future" philosophy of the former FCC mandate of "The Public Interest, Convenience & Necessity". All Route 81 Radio Stations have active local news departments and substantial public affairs efforts. We encourage anyone, client, employee or competitor to join us in this endeavor.

If your non-profit or community organization is in need of assistance, contact a Route 81 Radio manager now to learn more about what we are willing and able to do for your community.Go in the draw this week to win a cool Phone charger for iPhone or Android, 3 to be won,plus 10 awesome selfie sticks to be won click the link for details

Corporate Staff

Ira Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer
Ken Karaszkiewicz, Chief Financial Officer
Laura Johnson, Office Manager